Chicken Pictures

Oh, our chickens. Look how they’ve grown. I remember when they were just little chicks that you could hold in your hand. It seems so long ago, let’s see, eight, nine, umm…ten weeks ago?

Chickens are great practice if you want to learn your camera. They are constantly moving. But they are also constantly pausing. So you think you got a good pose and then you go to snap the picture and they move and all you get is a blur. It was very frustrating using the auto-focus settings on the camera. Chicken moves. I stalk. Chicken pauses and clucks. I point and click. I look at the camera and say “shit!”. Move, stalk, pause, cluck, click, look, shit! Move, stalk, pause, cluck, click, look, shit!

So after some online research I learned what an ISO setting was, and how to set the focus point. Now I can catch the chickens posing like they’re rock stars.